A synthesis of pure geometric form… sphere, pyramid and cube… symbols of a higher order, basic forms of nature used as building elements since civilization began. These forms used in whole or as a fragment, become the framework for architecture.

Plan, section and elevation, each incorporate these forms in abstraction and are synthesized with functional need into three dimensional… architecture. Building becomes architecture as words may become poetry.


At Combs + Miguel Architecture, planning is viewed as the architectural design of building sites.  This includes the design of multiple buildings and the relationship of each building to one another, and the surrounding environment or community.  Site elements such as circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, utilities, topography, landscape, and views to and from the site are considered and carefully integrated into the site design solution.

Interiors and Tenant Improvements

The Interiors and Tenant Improvements of our projects are considered as Interior Architecture.  The interior spaces and volumes are designed with function and esthetics joined into the solution. Combs + Miguel Architecture offer consultation as to the Programming of the Interior Project. This includes interviews with the client and their staff as to their space needs.  A written program is then presented outlining each required space with a prototype sketch plan and list of furnishings, fixtures and equipment along with a proposed budget for the project.  A Space Relationship Diagram is also prepared illustrating each space as it relates to one another.  Selection of finishes, textures and colors are elements that determine the final success of the design.  These selections are presented to the client for their understanding and acceptance.  Graphic design and selection of plant materials are also offered as our services.   Final Contract Drawings and Specifications are then developed for approval by the client and required government agencies for approval of the project for a building permit and bidding the project by contractors


Visualization of the architectural design concept is accomplished both by computer aided design and solid modeling.  Computer aided design utilizes various computer programs such as AutoCAD, sketch up and 3D Max to illustrate the design.  Solid modeling includes scale models constructed of white board and similar materials.  Each way of visualization allows the client to view the design from various directions as well as the interior of the project for their clear understanding.