Avenue K 10th St West Lancaster CA

Avenue K 10th St West Lancaster CA

Design solutions

A unique and appealing architectural design is proposed. It will attract desirable attention to the building and promote the tenant’s businesses. The architectural vernacular recalls early California arts and crafts styling with its warm and appealing nature. Large roof overhangs protect the exterior walls from hot summer sun, while letting lower winter sun warm the walls of the building. The large overhangs give a sense of sheltering strength to the character of the design. The building is located on the corner of the site with easy access to the building entrances. Towers on the two main tenant areas also help accent and define the use of the buildings.

Exterior dining areas for the restaurants are protected from the summer sun by vine cover trellises.

In the winter, when the leaves have fallen, the sun will help warm these areas. Misting systems can be added to the trellises for a more comfortable summer dining experience and radiant heat lamps can be placed on the trellises in the winter for dining comfort. See-through wind screens protect the exterior dining areas and building entrances from strong dessert winds.